Flameproof J Hook Light LED Fixture Manufacturers 

This is very much similar to pendent light fixture but the ONLY difference is in mounting arrangement. It finds wide application in mining & defence sector. Available in LED Light fixtures well Glass Light fitting.

Light LED Fixture Manufacturers 

From residential and commercial architecture to the automobile sector and beyond, lighting fixtures have a wide range of industrial applications. Some lighting producers focus on solutions for certain industries, creating fixtures for horticulture, entertainment, and other uses. Lighting fixture manufacturers may provide fixtures for multiple lighting types or they may focus on producing incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, compact fluorescent, or LED bulbs.

  • Gas Group: IIA /IIB and IIC
  • Zone Protection: Zone 1 and Zone 2
  • IP Protection: IP65/66
  • Suitable for: up to 125W/250W HPMV, 70WMH/150WMH, 200W/300W GLS, 3x26W CFL, and 300W GLS Lamp without control gear..
  • Lamps : LED Lamps/CFL/GLS Lamp/ PL Lamp/HPMV Lamp.
  • Entry : Maximum 3 Nos. (2 from side and 1 from top side).
  • Rated Voltage: 250V AC 50/60 Hz.
  • MOC:
    • SS304,SS316,SS316L
    • Brass Nickel Plated
    • Aluminium Alloy (LM6)
  • Mounting : Different for different type of fitting.
  • High Tensile strength
  • Protect IP65/66
  • Available for Zone1 and Zone 2
  • Gas Group IIA,IIB and IIC
  • Ex d , Explosion Proof, FlameProof, Weatherproof
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Petrochemicals
  • Mining
  • Defense
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