Flameproof Push Button Stations


Flameproof Push Button Stations

FLP Push Button Stations is available at reasonable cost at shree electrical. Push-button station has wide application for remote operations. These are designed as per the client requirements with keeping in mind the availability & reliability assurance. The control stations are fitted with high-quality neoprene gaskets to ensure weatherproof 100 Dubble JB Protection.

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    • Gas Group: I / IIA /IIB
    • Zone Protection: Zone 1 and Zone 2
    • IP Protection: IP65/66
    • Sizes:
      • 250mmx145mm, 62.5mm max dia.
    • MOC:
      • SS304,SS316,SS316L
      • Brass Nickel Plated
      • Aluminium Alloy (LM6)

    Note: Alternatively Replacing the Top Cover and the internal components the following variations can be made:

    • FLAMEPROOF-WEATHERPROOF enclosure for control station.
    • FLAMEPROOF-WEATHERPROOF enclosure for ammeter/voltmeter or any electrical or electronic instrument.
    • FLAMEPROOF-WEATHERPROOF enclosure for fire alarm station/ manual call point.
    • FLAMEPROOF-WEATHERPROOF enclosure for rotary switch/selector switch/isolator/MCB/potentiometer/fan regulator.
    • FLAMEPROOF-WEATHERPROOF for limit switch with contact element.
    • FLAMEPROOF-WEATHERPROOF enclosure for switch socket & plug combined unit.
    • FLAMEPROOF-WEATHERPROOF enclosure for electric gong bell/hooter unit.
    • High Tensile strength
    • Protect IP65/66
    • Available for Zone1 and Zone 2
    • Gas Group IIA,IIB and IIC
    • Ex d , Explosion Proof, FlameProof, Weatherproof
    • Flameproof- weatherproof push button pendant.
    • Pumps
    • Fans
    • Blowers
    • Mixers & Conveyors
    • Centrifuges