Flameproof PLC Automation Control Panel


Flameproof PLC Automation Control Panel

ATEX FLP Panel with PLC Automation is a newly designed panel supplied across the globe. These panels are used for a multi-purpose system where the complete system is to be controlled. We design the system, execute IT, and manufacture the same at the best price.

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  • Flame Proof PLC Automation Control Panel with VFD upto 25HP and Allen- Bradley make PLC with HMI display.

    • Gas Group: IIA /IIB and IIC
    • Zone Protection: Zone 1 and Zone 2
    • IP Protection: IP65/66
    • Sizes:
      • Suraksha:2
      • 380(H)X380(W)X175(D)
      • 380(H)X380(W)X240(D)
      • 380(H)X380(W)X300(D)
      • 355(H)X330(W)X290(D)
      • Suraksha: 4
      • 770(H)X520(W)X175(D)
      • 770(H)X520(W)X240(D)
      • 770(H)X520(w)X300(D).
    • Cable Entry: As per customer specification. Size and type like NPT/METRIC/BSP/ET or Equivalent Size.
    • MOC:
      • SS304,SS316,SS316L
      • Brass Nickel Plated
      • Aluminium Alloy (LM6)
    • Mounting : Different for different type of fitting.
    • High Tensile strength
    • Protect IP65/66
    • Available for Zone1 & Zone 2
    • Gas Group IIA, IIB, and IIC
    • Ex d, Explosion Proof, FlameProof, Weatherproof
    • Flameproof PLC with VFD drive.
    • Power control center.
    • Motor control center
    • Star Delta and dual starter
    • Instrument control panel